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22. Jan 2020
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  Vessel NameICEIMODWTCBMBuiltOpenDTDProj. Pos.Proj. Pos. DateProj. Pos. 2Proj. Pos. 2 DateLast 3 cargoes
CompassionB  72.78278.7752006Malta17. JanC.Med20. JanARA28. Janfo/vgo/fo
MaribelB1A 74.99983.9582007Lagos27. DecARA23. JanBaltic27. Janums/ulsd/ulsk+ulsd+jet
Bow PioneerB 281.30584.5542013Falmouth9. JanARA23. JanBaltic27. Jango+ums/ums/ums+go
Mari Ugland 1A 74.99783.9582008Lagos22. JanARA7. FebGIB3. Febums/ums/nap+ulsd+jet
BW YangtzeS/B  76.59383.6872008Lagos12. JanUSG6. Feb jet/ulsd/ums
BW Columbia   76.60483.6872007Daesan23. JanS.Korea23. JanTaiwan27. Jannap/ums (non oxy)/jet
Uacc Ibn Al Haitham S  73.33884.1122009Zhoushan22. JanS.Korea25. JanTaiwan25. Jannap/ums/ums
Hafnia Hong KongB 374.99986.0852019Zhoushan1. FebS.Korea3. FebTaiwan3. Febnap/nap/ums
Norstar IntegrityS/B  74.06584.1292006ex Aqaba1. JanAG12. JanWCI12. Janums/ums/ulsd
MariannB1A 74.99283.9582008ex Jeddah4. JanAG13. JanSikka13. Janjet/ums/ums
Hafnia Europe   74.99784.5452006Singapore23. JanAG4. FebWCI1. Febums/nap/nap
NordneptunS/B  74.99984.0202004ex Hong Kong19. JanAG6. FebSingapore25. Janjet/nap/ums
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